2 pieces             DOLE Pineapple slices in syrup
1 Piece               Thickly-sliced loaf
40 g.                   Salted Butter
20 g.                   Finely grated parmesan
1 piece                Iceberg Lettuce leaf
3 slices                Fresh tomatoes
2 pieces               Ham
2 slices                Processed cheddar cheese
20 g.                    Mayonnaise    


1) Parmesan Butter - Mix together salted butter, finely grated parmesan cheese
2) Spread parmesan butter onto one side of loaf. On a non-stick pan, toast until golden brown
3) Brown Pineapple slices with parmesan butter
4) Assemble sandwich, top off with seared pineapples slices to keep the sandwich-base moisture free

Optional Alternatives

- Can also be served as a Chef’s Salad using fresh green salad instead of thick loaf