Steak (the cut of your choice)  


DOLE Pineapple Juice Sufficient quantity to cover steak
1 tablespoon       Honey
1 tablespoon       Dijon Mustard
5 g.                     Salt & Pepper   
1 tablespoon       Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 sprig                 Rosemary
10 g.                    Chopped Garlic      


1) Marinade - Using a whisk, mix in all ingredients, and whisk until all ingredients are mixed in well together
2) Submerge steak in marinade, leave to marinade for 2-6 hours, grill/bake/sear to serve  

Optional Alternatives

- Steak can be replaced with pork steak or ribs instead
- Side dish suggestions are fresh green salad, French fries, mashed potatoes