Orange Dipping Sauce
3 pieces                DOLE orange segments and Juice
2 g.                       Coriander roots
10 g.                     Garlic
1 piece                  Bird’s eyes chilli
25 ml.                    Fish sauce
10 ml.                    Honey
1 pinch                  Salt
2 pieces                DOLE orange segment  

Spring Rolls Ingredients

Rice paper sheets
1 water
Fresh Prawns
Spring Onion
Saw tooth Coriander       

Directions (Orange Dipping Sauce)

1) Finely chop 3 pieces of orange segments with garlic, coriander, and bird’s eye chili
2) On a pan, mix in chopped ingredients along with all other ingredients. Bring to a simmer, and transfer to bowl
3) Decorate with the 2 remaining pieces of orange segments into the sauce

Directions (Spring Rolls)

1) Dip rice paper sheets into water, place ingredients  on the edge and start rolling

Alternative Options

- Sauce for deep-fried food - Add 20 ml. Vinegar, and 30 g. to the sauce, then reduce till thickened.