Apparently, the smoking in pub and restaurant had been masking unpleasant odors. Dutch researchers have studied and infused three different pub and restaurants with various scents, and then evaluated impact on activity and attitudes among the party crowd. The results were astonishing. 

The study found that when orange aroma was wafted into the throng, the number of people on the dance floor increased by 57%. This impact was so significant it raised the pub temperature by 4 degrees, compared to no scent. People stayed 40% longer—and as a result of all this citrusy socializing, total revenues for the evening rose 22%. So, was there something special about the orange aroma? Previous research suggests citrus aromas may enhance perceptions of the opposite sex. Indeed, one startling study found that the scent of pink grapefruit caused men to underestimate women’s ages by an average of six years! 

The latter research was conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsch, of the Smell & Taste Treatment Research Foundation. His work indicates that food odors can prompt arousal. Of course, it won’t help you lose weight—but the scents of an orange, banana or apple might!