Have you ever try an Orange before working or as a snack?

One medium orange (154g) provides more than a day's worth of vitamin C. This same serving provides an excellent source of fiber and a good source of folate for just 70 calories. Oranges contain more than 170 phytochemicals - including many flavonoids, which may have anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects according to lab experiments. Indeed, citrus fruits' possible health effects may begin the moment you put them in your mouth. Australian researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization linked high citrus consumption with a lower risk of developing cancers of the mouth, throat and stomach. In addition, regular consumption of oranges during the first two years of life has been associated with a reduced risk of childhood leukemia, in one study.

Information source (Dole Nutrition Institute) : http://www.dole.com/Facts/Food-Facts/