In one Japanese study, mice that had nobiletin mixed into their feed for four months had 56% less brain plaques (thought to harm neurons). The nobiletin-fed mice were also 35% less likely to exhibit memory paralysis -- the kind of brain freeze we've all experienced when we can't remember a name on the tip of our tongues. Lycopene -- that other red grapefruit compound -- was found to improve the viability of brain cells by 38%, in one petri dish experiment. While regular grapefruit has plenty of health perks, the red variety boasts 3,500% more vitamin A, 50% more fiber, and 60% more alpha linolenic acid (omega 3)! 

For those who love the taste -- and health advantages of red grapefruit, but balk at the chore of peeling or cutting, Dole's new Red Grapefruit Sunrise Fruit Bowls -- packed in 100% fruit juice -- provide a convenient, on-the-go option. For a different way of incorporating red grapefruit into your diet, try this month's featured recipe, Red Grapefruit-Cado Sunrise Smoothie. Bonus: Beyond rejuvenating your brain, could red grapefruit rejuvenate your appearance? Perhaps -- in the eye of the beholder, anyway. One study found that the scent of red grapefruit made observers guess women's ages as 6 years younger than their real age.

Information source ( Dole Nutrition Institute) :